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Corporate order



Choose the colour 

Choose the colour and tint of the leather. Choose the colour numbers  from the table, which are close to your brand book (corporate style)  using  RAL or PANTONE


Texture of the leather.

Choose the texture of the leather.

1. Smooth 

2. Fine/medium texture

3. Large pronounced texture

4. Textured uniform the same

5. With stains

6. Nubuck



The quantity



E-mail the order

For example: skin color - No. 34, 35, texture No. 2 (small/medium texture),

quantity: 100 pieces, the product Artskill Travel - travel passport and documents holder

Please don't forget to send the company's logo for our  preparing a product sketch with logo position.


Total Cost and sketch


Agreement leather and the chosen product 

Variant 1. We select samples of leather, according to your order (texture, color).  We send you the leather samples by courier service or agreement by fotos.

Variant 2. We send you samples of leather and  free example of the chosen product with Artskill logo for agreement.

Variant 3.  We create a control sample of the product with your logo. Send you for agreement.

The cost of a control sample from 150 EURO  (enabled selected sample of skin color and embossed logo) If the final order has been agreed, the sample cost will be deducted from the order, that is, the sample is free! 




We prepare a bill and agreement. After signing the papers and receiving  50 % of the cost we start manufacturing the project.






Manufacturing 7-15  days, if the leather is in stock.




Artskill Travel - travel passport and documents holder

100 pieces

7-12 days

Artskill Travel - travel passport and documents holder

200-300 pieces

15 days


Genuine leather

Genuine leather

For the manufacture of your order we use natural genuine leather of cattle, 

We choose the genuine leather, which is available from suppliers on stock, or we order to produce  the genuine leather a specifically for your order

Manufacture genuine leather for your order

If you want to manufacture leather according to your special requirements such as color, texture, or colors PANTONE, you want

You should know: the order of the genuine depends on a number of products and the required time of production



Production time

genuine leather of cattle

from 1500 pieces

2 months

genuine leather of cattle with Soft touch cover

from 250 pieces

1-1,5 months



Branded gift packaging

look packaging





Delivery of your order