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Artskill brush - case for brushes

SKU: 7.2
  • Material: leather
  • Dimensions: open height/width (cm): 38х12,5, closed height/width (cm): 38х7


Brush case for careful storage of brushes, you can take it with you, as it is very compact! 

The brush case has a special hole that would brush to "breathe"

Holds 10 brushes ( depending on numbers, maximum number 30). Maximum length of brush that fits in the pencil case 36 cm


What's inside?

1) The central hole for the brush

2) The pocket with 3 different height holes for different heights of the brushes.

3) Holes for small brushes (size No. 1 - 3).

4) The symmetrical part of the pencil case with pockets and holes for brushes.


We create bright and functional genuine leather accessories which will highlight your individuality. Vivid and optimistic colors aim to bring you joy and inspiration! We develop our design based on everyday needs, each detail is thought out to serve it's purpose and be easy to use. The quality of our products is a top priority for us that's why we choose the best materials and technologies. We love the products we create and use them everyday and we want them to serve you for a long time and deliver you the best experience!